IRIDIUM® HP.3.1001


Level of Protection: III++ ICW IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04 STD.

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IRIDIUM® HP.3.1001

Hard Armor plate “IRIDIUM® - HP.3.1001” is made of UHMWPE, the strongest material for protection against non-penetrating calibers (non-armor piercing) and has been designed to provide maximum level III ++ protection according to NIJ 0101.04, being an ideal choice for the armed personnel of the Police, the Coast Guard and the Armed Forces.

It provides protection from multiple shots (at least 6 shots) of calibers 7.62x51mm M80 NATO BALL, 7.62x39mm Mild Steel Core AK47 KALASHNIKOV and 5.56x45mm M193, in conjunction with IIIA SP.3A.301 panels, with minimal weight of 1.350 grams and it has been certified by an authorized laboratory to this effect.

The V50 ballistic resistance limit of “IRIDIUM - HP.3.1001” according to its certification, at caliber 7.62x51mm M80 NATO BALL, is at least 1036 m/s making it the safest choice in its category (level III ++).

It features a CORDURA® cover to ensure that no projectile fragments will exit the plate, and it comes with trimmed upper corners so as not to obstruct the user when in firing position.

IRIDIUM® HP.3.1001

Harm Technical Specifications
Model IRIDIUM® - HP.3.1001.
Code PLT.
Level of Protection III++ ICW IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04 STD.
Certificate level III <p>By accredited laboratory AITEX.<br></p>
Type <p>Multi hits&nbsp; 6 shots 7.62x51mm M80 NATO BALL or<br>6 shots 7.62x39mm MSC AK-47 KALASHNIKOV or<br>6 shots 5.56x45mm M193.<br><br></p>
Panel Additional Features – Extra Threats <ul><li>V50 (7.62x51mm M80) ≥1036m/s.</li><li>CORDURA® cover to ensure that any no projectile fragments will exit the plate.</li><li>Design with trimmed upper corners so as not to obstruct the user when in firing position.</li></ul>
Curved <p>Single or Double.<br></p>
Weight 1350gr ±40gr.
Thinness 22mm ±1mm.
Dimensions (W x H) 25cm x 30cm ±0,5cm

IRIDIUM® HP.3.1001

Harm Guarantee
Guarantee 10 years.
Quality Assurance ISO 9001: 2015
Product Insurance - Liability Lloyd's London.

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