New soft armor panel Rhodium®


A new, hybrid, soft armor panel is now available in Anorak’s ballistic protection variety.

Rhodium® SP.3A.303 is consisted by the combination of UHMWPE and UD ARAMID, benefiting from the advantages of both materials.


NIJ 0101.06: IIIA+

Rhodium® was tested under the harsh and demanding conditions of the standard NIJ 0101.06 , at size C-2 (small), and was found to comply with the requirements of level ΙΙΙΑ while also providing multiple threats protection such as the 7.62X25mm TOKAREV, 9X18mm Mild Steel Core MAKAROV , the 9x19mm HP ACTION 4 as well as from sharp edged instruments, such as the S1/G blade, with a maximum perforation of less than 12mm at force of 33 Joules according to the NIJ 0115.00 STD.

Discover the panel in all Rhodium® soft armor vests or choose the vest type that better suits your needs between Covert type, Overt type and Overt type with PALS webbing.